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Lingua_express is a Scribo project that aims to make translation and writing services accessible to all, including speedy and protocol-free services with affordable prices and confidentiality. Lingua_express is the simplest and fastest system for professional Writing and translation. Paste or attach your text and topic, pay online, and receive the translation article in your email quickly.

Good to know

Lingua_express handles the requests of individuals in priority. If you are a company, follow the link of our platform for business www.scribo-cameroon.com

Why choose Us


Customers can chat or have a phone discussion with our content writers or translators at any time within working hours.


Customers can chat or have a phone discussion with our content writers or translators at any time within working hours.


We test all our translators /content writers and comply with a rigorous procedure throughout the translation of a project.


The security of our document transfer and storage is reinforced. Documents are stored on servers for only the time it takes to complete the project. A non-disclosure agreement is signed by the staff.

Simple & user friendly

  • Immediate online order
  • All types of file formats
  • Communication with our writers
  • Replay on demand
  • 50 areas of expertise
  • Fast & competitive

  • Average delivery within 4 hours
  • Rates à la carte
  • From 2 dollars the text - 1500 XAF
  • Satisfied or refunded

    Refund will be issued in case of error in you order or in case you are not satisfied.

    Our services

    It is so simple to order professional translation and writing services with Lingua_express. Select your topics download or paste your content in a few clicks and order your translations and written articles directly online. Our translators and professional writers are specialized in more than 5 languages ​​and areas of expertise. You can follow the status of your orders directly online.

    Translation services

    Translation is a sensitive task which requires precision and must be done by a language specialist. Send your texts to professionals! We translate them in real time with all confidentiality. Lingua_express team is available 7/7 to provide you with fast and efficient service for all your activities. Read more

    Content writing services

    Are you looking for a high quality content writing service? Lingua_express team, drafts for you original and convincing content. Your contents are written by specialized professional writers with specialized stylistic and technical skills. We offer various content writing services, fact sheets, story-telling, editorial content, marketing content, etc. Read more


    02 criterias are taken into account for your billing

    Type of Text (Scientific or General text)
    Deadlines for Delivery (Normal or Expedited deadlines)
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    How it works ?

    To order a translation or writing service from Lingua_express, it is fast, easy and user-friendly. Everything is done online. The steps to follow are:


    Select you request (Translation or writing services) then fill in the form that provides specific information on the order


    Finalize the steps required for billing and confirm the price of the service that appears on the billing system


    Select the payment method and pay either through Orange money, Paypal, MTN Mobile, Bank transfer or Visa


    The customer receives an order confirmation email with a link on which he must click to initiate his payment.


    The customer can verify the status of the order online. When the service is completed, the customer has one week to make one-time remarks for corrections to be made if necessary.


    End of service. The service is closed and the customer is invited to note the quality of service if he wishes.


    Costs for translation services
    Price Processing Type of text
    35 XAF (0.06 Eur) / word Regular General
    45 XAF (0.07 Eur) / word Regular Technical or scientific
    45 XAF (0.07 Eur) / word Immediate General
    60 XAF (0.09 Eur) / word Immediate Technical or scientific
    Costs for writing services
    Price Processing
    30 XAF (0.05 Eur) / word Regular
    60 XAF (0.09 Eur) / word Immediate
    Delay Details
    Regular We usually give 3 hours delivery deadline per 50 words - if you order before 10 :00 am GMT time
    Immediate We usually give 45 minutes delivery deadline per 50 words - if you order before 10 :00 am GMT time
    Use automatic billing online

    Translation of special official documents includind scanned or images
    (birth certificates, diplomas, invoices, transport documents, travel documents, insurance, transcripts, legal documents, other miscellaneous documents)
    Without graphics and page layout With restitution of the graphic of the original document With certified translation seal including graphics and page layout
    9 000 XAF (15 Eur) / page 16 000 XAF (25 Eur) / page 19 500 XAF (30 Eur) / page

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    Download the brochure of our services and consult it offline for your meetings and other needs.








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